What’s the best travel car seat for 1 year old? (2022 reviews)

When you’re having a conversation about traveling with the parents of a newborn baby, they all stuck at the same point. Is the hotel room too small? No. The appropriate answer you get is car seats. When you are traveling with the infants, the one should carry the car seats. They are much easy to use, and they are lighter in weight.

Through these infant’s seats, you get a perfect place for your child in the car as they have their safety gears. These are very useful as you can carry them outside the vehicle as well. Some of these chairs also have tyers, so it’s easier to drag them while walking up the hill. You can carry them too while traveling by air.

Since these infant seats are not that cheap, and it takes a lot of time to get a perfect chair for your kid, which should be excellent in every single feature. Thus, you’ve to look for safety as well when you’re getting something for your 1-year-old kid. If you’re in a bit hurry and don’t have much time for a proper selection, don’t worry, we’ve got you the best travel car seat for 1 year old. Fulfilling all your needs, here is the Chicco Keyfit Infant Car seat, which comes with a 5-point harness adjust with one hand and offers ReclineSure leveling foot.

Best travel car seat for 1 year old at a glance

For more information related to the best travel car seat for 1 year old, we have prepared a comparison chart from our top 6 picks for this product. In this chart below, I’m going to discuss their salient features and at what prices they are available. Go through this table to find an appropriate seat related to your need.

Still, confused about the best travel car seats for 1 year old? Let us explain all the features in detail.

1.graco slimfit 3-in-1 convertible car seat reviews

Firstly, we will talk about the graco slimfit 3-in-1 convertible car seat reviews, which come with a 3-in-1 vehicle seat develops with your kid from back confronting outfit to front aligned tackle to the high back booster. If we are talking about this great seat’s design, it has a slim design, making the seat 10% smaller to save valuable back seat space.  

The unique thing about this Graco Fit is that it has dual integrated cup holders that rotate away, making it easy for you to place any drinks without worrying that your child’s going to spill them over on the car seats. You can change the position of the headrest according to your requirement.  

The other characteristic of this travel seat is that it has a 4-position recline that keeps your child comfortable, and through the Right Latch System, you can easily install and plug it out this seat in a second. Graco Protect Plus Engineered, is going to make your child safe during any accidents.   

The Graco provides optional body support to a better fit for infants and smaller babies. The body upholds required if the infant’s shoulders are underneath the most reduced bridle yet is discretionary for bigger children. There is additionally a removable headrest pad and outfit lash covers.  

graco slimfit 3-in-1 convertible

If you had a seat installed with LATCH, you could even changes to booster mode while the seat is still installed. Graco permits you to protect the Slim Fit with LATCH while utilizing it in booster mode as long as the installation doesn’t meddle with admittance to the safety buckle.


  • Slim design
  • Convertible
  • Washable
  • FAA approved


  • Incline decline option


Guardians who have more modest vehicles like the Honda Civic go for a limited vehicle seat. This comes in handy if you have more than one youngster. It does what’s promoted. It’s agreeable, challenging, and simple to wash. Over the long haul, it saves you since you don’t need to purchase another.

2. 35 LT Infant Car Seat

If you are searching for the lightest weight car seat for your 1 year old kid, then 35 LT Infant Car Seat is a perfect choice. The 35 LT is one of the lightest rear-facing-only infant car seats with a smooth and comfortable carry handle. It uses ultra-lightweight construction, which includes side-impact protection.

The essential feature that comes to your mind is that these seats sometimes damage your car while installing it. This seat is very compact and easy to install. The belt guide is well marked, and the instructions in the manual are quite clear to read. The chair installs at a nearly correct angle with minimal effort.

The LT has excellent harness slot openings, making it relatively easy to adjust the harness height. There are two different loops on the shoulder straps, making the seat a perfect fit for small and large babies. There are three crotch strap positions, with a fourth option for much smaller newborns. Adjust your child in the seat with the four harness heights option.

35 LT infant catr seat

The material used for its manufacturing is polypropylene and resin, and the fabric is a polyester blend that is entirely washable, foam-like, and soft. Removing the seat cover for cleaning isn’t excessively hard. However, there are many cushion tabs and sharp corners to be aware of while reinstalling it.

What’s best in this infant seat is you can desirably adjust the harness with a solitary draw for a secure fit. When travel removes you from home, this seat is prepared to use on an airplane. Viable with any Quick Click-prepared carriage, this vehicle seat appends with one raw snap. The beltway makes it much more comfortable.


  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Extra support
  • 8-year life
  • Three crotch straps


  • Old style
  • No seatbelt lock-off


In the realm of back confronting just seats, the latest thing is by all accounts moving towards costly seat with a ton of extravagant accessories. The 35 LT figures out how to remain serious in the market with these pricier seats due to the seat’s nature and its insightful and useful plan.

3.Chicco Keyfit

In case you’re looking for a simple to-introduce newborn child vehicle seat you don’t need to consider, one that fills in as a movement framework with your carriage and will help an infant through to toddlerhood, the Chicco KeyFit will possess all the necessary qualities. KeyFit is one of the easiest and best travel seat for 1 year old.

Highlights like the RideRight bubble level pointers, situated on the base’s two sides, help guarantee the seat’s underside is rapidly and precisely introduced at the legitimate point. It’s utilized related to the ReclineSure spring-helped leveling foot, again ensuring the seat is securely changed.

The excellent feature which makes this seat different is a five-point harness with simple one-hand fixing and a press button chest cut that keeps your kid secure. Also, the padded seat is fixed with energy-absorbing foam for additional wellbeing and solace. A portable, removable canopy gives conceal from the sun.

The KeyFit unquestionably satisfies its standing as being anything but difficult to install. You basically take the two LATCH connectors on the vehicle seat base, cut them into the LATCH connectors of your vehicle, and fix the middle draw belt. Two catches on the sides of the base permit you to tilt the seat until it’s level.

Chicco Keyfit

You indeed can’t turn out badly with the Chicco KeyFit. There’s a valid justification it’s reliably evaluated one of the top vehicle seats available in the market. It very well might be straightforward; however, who needs ornaments? It would be best if you had a protected seat that won’t take you an hour to install and that doesn’t back you off when you’re in a hurry.


  • 5-point harness
  • Easy to adjust Latch
  • Ensure the proper angle
  • Works with compatible strollers
  • Washable


  • Fabric


Taking everything into account, the Chicco Keyfit has incredible highlights that make it simple for parents to travel with their youngsters securely. They’re reasonable for the two carriages and vehicles, so you needn’t bother with different vehicle seats. They aren’t over the top expensive, and numerous parents audit them affectionately.

4.Combi Coccoro Convertible

We’re talking about convertible seats and how can we forget Combi Coccoro Convertible. The Combi Coccoro is somewhat of a specialty seat: it’s little, which implies it fits incredible in restricted spaces: both front to back and side to side. Yet, the ruin to a little situate is that it isn’t the longest enduring; it will be grown out of by most children.

The low beginning weight joined with the infant embed plan makes the seat an excellent fit for untimely children: one of only a handful few convertible seats that will fit even the littlest babies effectively. The adjusted base of the Coccoro is both a gift and a revile: it considers simple change by getting the right angle for an infant.

There are additionally two harness length settings as two circles towards the finish of the harness. The harness can be put on the more limited ring for more modest infants to accomplish a comfortable fit and moved out to the more drawn-out loops for a more seasoned child.

.Combi Coccoro Convertible

Another incredible element of the safety belt establishment on the Coccoro is the included back facing lock-off, which is introduced on the shoulder segment of the lap-shoulder belt. A lock-off can be utilized instead of the safety belt’s locking component and is essential if the car’s safety belts do not lock.

The Coccoro also features a “puzzle buckle.” Instead of driving the tongues into the clasp exclusively, they should be held together and afterward pushed in as one gathering. The buckle hook also has an indicator that turns from red to green when the buckle is fastened correctly.


  • Convertible
  • Small in size
  • Easy to carry
  • Buckle features
  • Absorbs crash energy


  • Difficulty in rear installation


The Combi Coccoro Lightweight Convertible Car Seat beats most security seats with regards to fitting in restricted spaces. In case you’re searching for a wellbeing seat that is little and simple to switch between vehicles, you should give this item a possibility.

5. WAYB Pico best Travel Seat for 1 year old

We never had a discussion about the folding seats, so here we are with The WAYB Pico Travel Car Seat breezed through all government security testing decisively – much the same as customary vehicle seats – and it’s probably as lightweight and smaller as one could want at only 8 lbs at 14.5 inches wide.

What makes the WAYB Pico exceptional is that it creases up for critical space investment funds. The seat is developed of aluminum and cross-section to keep it lightweight as well. The vehicle seat (on which your youngster sits) flips around behind the rear of the seat and secures set up for more minimal size.

Lashing your youngster into the Pico is generally equivalent to another vehicle seat – yet with one significant contrast. However, the chest cut is the equivalent to fix the lashes, and you don’t pull on a solitary tie between your kid’s legs. All things being equal, there are snap pulls on one or the other side of your kid’s hips.

 WAYB Pico best Travel Seat for 1 year old

So since the essentials are far removed, here’s the reason I’m going ballistic about this car seat’s air travel prospects. Such countless guardians are legitimately unfortunate of checking their vehicle seat with the aircraft. You just never realize how the carriers will treat your vehicle seat and whether it will support any harm or get lost.

The Pico uncovered itself to be ideal for space-putting something aside for any individual who has a tight fit in the rear of their vehicle. The center seat isn’t usable and not utilized when that kid should be in a promoter. When you have the Pico introduced, it opens up the secondary lounge’s remainder for two kids to sit because it is substantially tighter.


  • Incredibly lightweight
  • It can be used for air travel
  • Narrow for tight back seats


  • Expensive
  • Slow installation


The WAYB has outperformed them. From the outset looks, it would seem that any standard travel seat. In any case, it’s most certainly not. It’s a vehicle seat too, and it has the wellbeing appraisals to demonstrate it. It has both NTSB and FAA endorsements. So you should simply overlap it and go.

6.Evenflo Tribute LX best travel carseat

The Evenflo Tribute LX didn’t figure out how to break into the top third of the items, yet it offers a blend that we believe is deserving of acknowledgment. This seat sports perhaps the most noteworthy score in the gathering for crash testing and usability, and it is the most affordable in the audit.

The Evenflo Tribute has the absolute most noteworthy accident test information results. The testing information taken from the sensors put in the head and chest districts of a life-sized model in a sled crash test demonstrates that utilizing this seat brings about the second most reduced measure of G-powers on the body than the other item.

The Evenflo seat is about as brief as a seat can get and still consider itself a vehicle seat. The LATCH secures the straightforward clasp style guarantees that are generally simple to jump on yet require some pushing, contorting, and finagling to unfasten. Notwithstanding, that isn’t what harmed this seat in the scoring.

Evenflo Tribute LX best travel carseat

Nonetheless, suppose you live in a city and take taxis habitually. In that case, you may be attracted to this alternative since it is the lightest. Remember that you will require additional opportunity to introduce it and a towel for back looking in many vehicles. These realities may demolish their potential despite the alluring weight.

Given that this is an essential seat, there isn’t a great deal to disrupt the general flow or cause issues when introducing it with the vehicle belt. You will even have to utilize a towel when raising the seatback confronting, and it is still sort of agony to string the belt, yet it is simpler to get the belt tight than it was utilizing the LATCH strap.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install/uninstall
  • Convertible seat
  • Great price
  • Side impact protection


  • Not ideal for airplanes
  • Straps rub
  • The issue with facing forward


The Evenflo Tribute LX vehicle seat is a truly incredible vehicle seat alternative if you are in a hurry. Accommodation is a colossal factor with this seat. It’s lightweight enough to ready and wait for the plane. The Tribute LX is additionally simple to install and uninstall out of different vehicles. On top of the entirety of that, its wellbeing principles are first class.

Buying guide

1. Weight of seat

For your sanity, you must have a heavy seat. We recommend a car seat that weighs about 10 pounds. A little more is fine.  

Car seats must be lifted in and out of cars, onto trolleys, transported around the airport, and possibly even raised over people’s heads on planes to carry them down the aisle. Trust me! Stick with lightweight seats.

2. Width of Seat

Another important consideration is the width of the seat. FAA certification does not guarantee that the centre will fit on the plane.  

The size of a plane seat can vary from 16″ to 22″. It is usually between 17″ and 18″.  

To see what size your seat will be ahead of time, you can check if your plane is listed on SeatGuru’s seat chart table.  

We find that child care seats 18″ or smaller fit on any plane seat. However, you may need to lift the armrest on a 16″ seat plane.

It is significant to make sure the seat can fit through the security scanner when designing a slim design.

 Would slow The check-in process if the seat did not fit, and the seat would need to be manually inspected.

3. FAA Approval

Ideally, you should buy a car seat that has been certified by the FAA for infants or toddlers.  

If the sticker on the side does not say: “This restraint is certified to be used in automobiles and aircraft,” you can verify this.

4. Compatibility

Convertible car seat. You should make sure you get the best option for a convertible car seat for travel when you are shopping for the best car seat for travelling. You will be able to save a considerable amount of money over some time by investing in a seat. There are many convertible car seats on our list that have been approved by airlines.

Convertible car seats can accommodate your child from infancy until toddlerhood with ease, starting from approximately 5 lbs. until the child weighs 65 lbs without any problem. 

Our list contains a lot of convertible car seats that have been approved by airlines.

It is essential to pay attention to the convertibility features of the car seat and choose the one that is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I bring a car seat on the plane for a 1-year-old?

There is one, but it isn’t for babies younger than one. Child Aviation Restraint System, or CARES, is the only harness approved by the FAA for takeoff, flight, and landing. CARES is suitable for children between 22 and 44 pounds who are at least one-year-old.

How long can one-year-old travel in a car?

WHY DO WE HAVE A TWO-HOUR RULE? Manufacturers of car seats recommend that a baby not be in a car seat for more than 2 hours within 24 hours. When a baby is in a semi-upright position for too long, it can cause 1.

Which seat is the best in-flight with infants?

Take a strategic stance.
Unless your child is under two years old, you aren’t required to buy her a seat. However, the FAA strongly advises you to restrain your child in a car seat for safety reasons.

Do infants get their seats on flights?

According to FAA safety regulations, each adult passenger is only permitted to carry one lap-held infant. It is required that a second infant seat be purchased if an adult passenger is traveling with two infants. To fly domestically with an infant, you must buy a ticket and pay the applicable fare.


 In this article, Best travel car seat for 1-year-old, we have extensively discussed a variety of vehicle seats, reviewing their pros and cons to assist you in choosing the perfect one for your child, but the Graco slim fit 3-in-1 is our top pick because of its safety features. But in the end, the choice is yours. Happy shopping!

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