Can I use my own car seat with Uber? Safety and Transport Rules You Need To Know (2022)

This article will discuss Uber’s safety and transport rules, including can I use my own car seat with Uber. It can seem a bit confusing to figure out what is allowed in the backseat of an Uber vehicle, but don’t worry! This article can help you understand these policies.

Uber is a transportation company that revolutionized the way people get around. Founded in 2009, Uber has grown to more than 3 million drivers and completed over 6 billion trips worldwide. The company has faced backlash from governments and taxi services alike but continues to make leaps forward with its newest product – autonomous cars. 

Uber’s most recent move in the realm of self-driving technology is working on a fleet of driverless vehicles for use as part of an urban transit system called “Uber Elevate.” This would allow passengers to book a trip through an app and ride in electric, autonomous vehicles flying at 150 mph with one another up into the sky. If this sounds like something out of science fiction, you’re not wrong! These new technologies are set.

Can I use my own car seat with Uber?

The Uber drivers are very strict when it comes to children. They will not accept the ride if you do not have a car seat for your child, and this is pretty standard in all countries where they operate, including America. We visited our relatives last year—they told us that carrying kids without car seats was illegal because of culpable homicide charges which could be filed against them just as easily as passengers can file negligence suits on other forms of transportation like buses or trains.

Uber is a reliable transportation option for many people, but can it take kids?

Uber is great for families with kids. You can specify the type of car you need, whether it’s a big SUV or an economy sedan. If your family has only one child and no infant seats, any Uber will work just fine! Or if all your children are out of baby carriers but still small enough to sit in front-facing booster seats (these), then that’ll also do nicely too–any regular taxi would suffice as well. But what about when they get bigger? That’s where carpool comes into play: these cars seat up to six people across three rows, so there won’t be any fighting over who sits in the front seat!

We can’t forget about safety. Uber has an in-app child lock that can be turned on with just one tap next to mother/dad anymore!

How to request Uber with car seat?

Your child can ride in style with Uber Car Seat. You’ll set your pickup and drop-off location, open the app, find a list of vehicles labelled “Car Seat,” scroll through to select yours, which will then be charged $10 for each seat you’re adding (as well as an additional fee). Once ready, press Request!

Do you know what’s not fun? Moving around car seats when travelling between airports or hopping from one destination to another. That’s why we’ve got Uber equipped with our new kid-friendly option that has plenty of room for two–just make sure they both fit before hitting request!!

Does Uber allow car seats?

The Uber Car Seat is an easy way to transport your child safely and reliably. This car seat holds one forward-facing toddler who sits at least 2 years old, 22 pounds, and 31 inches tall. If the rider weighs more than 48 lbs or measures taller than 52″, then this may not be for them!

Does Uber have car seats?

Uber has a service for families called Uber Car Seat or Uber family. These vehicles come equipped with car seats, and if you’re looking to use the app as your go-to ride-sharing option, it’s important to know they offer this service in some countries only!

Uber car seat rules

Ground rules for using your Uber account or the Uber family profile for children must be joined by an adult. Drivers may ask for ID verification to check a rider’s age if necessary. Individual riders can contact 101 in case of any concerns about safety and call 999 if drivers feel there is immediate danger

How to order Uber with car seat?

  • Open your Uber app. Set up a ride request with the pickup and drop-off location of your choice in the app. 
  • Find Car Seat option on menu, scroll through list to find available vehicle types that have car seats installed (these are typically SUVs or other higher end vehicles), select one for desired price range–a $10 cost will be added if you use this service instead of renting a seat from airport rental company once you arrive at the destination.

Is it safe to Uber alone?

Uber is known to be a shady company that never takes safety seriously.

Historically, Uber did not implement sufficient safety measures to ensure ride safety, according to lawsuits filed against the ride-share company. 

Even now, despite background checks and driver training programs in place at any given time today—riders may still face risks from drivers, 

who want nothing more than your personal information or money on hand for what seem like small amounts of cash among their earnings as an independent contractor with this service provider. Government agencies are not overseeing transportation services in our borders, especially those with limited financial means, like solo travellers, who are ideal targets. 


Can I use my own car seat with Uber, so the answer is yes,  you can Uber with your own car seat and pack some snacks. You won’t have access to the same options as if they were old enough for an adult-sized vehicle because there’s no option for a child carrier or anything like that – it would be illegal and unsafe!

Uber has been listed as one of the best companies for families to use when travelling. It can be a great choice whether you need transportation from an airport, or just want to explore your city with children in tow! 

In some ways, Uber is designed specifically for travellers — especially parents who have small kids in tow! Whether it’s being able to request wheelchair-accessible vehicles will ensure everyone fits comfortably (and without hassle).

 Getting updates on pickup times so that travel plans don’t get thrown off course, or knowing which rides provide car seats at no additional cost – these features make Uber stand out amongst other ride-sharing services like Lyft.

Please accept my sincere thanks! You can use this blog post to learn more about the safety and transportation rules at Uber.

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