Can you rent a car with car Seats: Key Considerations to Finding Rentals (2022)

Can you rent a car with car seats? The answer is yes; you can rent a car with installed seats. But do you need to? Many factors come into play when deciding whether this option will work for your family: how old the child is, their weight and height (to determine if they fit in an adult seat), what kind of vehicle it’s going to be travelling in, etc.

I recommend considering all these before making such a big decision as renting a car with installed seats because there might be other alternatives out there!

Renting can be a great option if you can’t afford to buy or don’t want to own a car. When renting, it can be difficult to find a rental with your desired features, such as can you rent a car with car seats for children? There are many types of rentals and not all offer the same options, so we will talk about some important considerations when looking for rentals with car seats.

Rental cars and Car Seats: Can you rent a car with car Seats (2022)


According to this article, renting a car seat is not free. It’s an extra cost that many people aren’t aware of, and it can add up for families who are travelling with small children. Renting one would have set the family back at least $120- which isn’t cheap considering most customers only receive 1 complimentary seat per rental when they use Hertz.

Unfortunately, we found out about these costs after booking our holiday, leaving us no choice but to “save” on expenses by purchasing all necessary supplies before going!


There are many reasons to consider flying with your car seat. Can you rent a car seat at the airport?

Here’s one you may not have thought of yet: lugging it from the car park is a pain, but most airlines let you check one free per kid! And if you choose to bring it onboard (the FAA recommends them for kids under 40 pounds),

there’s now an easier way than pushing and pulling- detachable wheel boards make rolling around like rolling luggage possible.

I’m still wrestling with my big issue when considering whether to without our seats, though; what about all those times we get stuck waiting at airports?

Safety standards are not meet in a rental car seat

Renting a child car seat may not be the best option for you if your safety standards are high. Did you know that renting is never recommended as they can damage and wear out over time? Renting in this case would mean your little one could find themselves sitting or with faulty equipment while driving!

Car rental companies assure us that the cars they provide are safe. But is it? The company CARFAX offers reports for cars, but not for seats- and we don’t know if a seat has been in a serious accident or not because of this lack of knowledge.

So why take their word on its safety when there’s no way to know? Instead, go with an option where you can confirm that your child will have his/her safety taken care of: Our Own!

Do car rental companies provide car seats?

Many parents have faced the dilemma of needing a car seat on arrival and not being able to find one. The problem is that many airlines will rent them out if you call ahead, but they are often sold out by the time your plane arrives, as in this situation: “Oops! Rented the last one.

“, these companies would reserve more seats for their customers, so there’s no risk involved when booking flights with children onboard; yet, it doesn’t seem like anything has changed since we’ve reached out about this issue many times before.

So until then, I’d recommend having someone meet you at baggage claim or bringing an extra from home in case something goes wrong!

Types of seats available for rental car companies

Renting a car seat is still cheaper than buying one?

It’s a common misconception that renting is the cheaper option. When you factor in all the hidden costs, it can be more expensive than buying one outright.

Renting a car seat can be expensive, but there are some options. You could buy one for less than $100 and then use it again on your next trip!

You may have to pay more upfront if you buy a travel-worthy model instead of renting an airport concession fee that might cost as much as 30%. But in the long run, this is cheaper per day: plus they’re so lightweight and easy to pack away when not practiced. Check out these cute ones available at Amazon with free shipping today – click here!

Graco TurboBooster Highback Booster Seat, Glacier

Graco Affix Highback Booster Seat with Latch System, Atomic

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat, Ride Rear Facing Longer with Extend2Fit, Gotham

Car Seats You Can Bring for a Rental Car

People are often unaware of the risks involved with renting a car. For example, some rental cars may not have safety features like airbags or seatbelts that work well for adults and children alike.

So when travelling on holiday, it can be tempting to rent a vehicle rather than bring your own. But if you don’t know what type of seatbelt is set into the car, then bringing your child’s booster might come in handy!


It’s important to consider ordering a car seat for delivery to your destination.

This works best if you’ll be visiting family or friends who can meet you at the airport with the car seat, or if you’re travelling to a location where public transportation will bring you close enough to walk from there.

If this isn’t an option and are staying in hotel accommodation that doesn’t have room service, then it’s worth considering paying extra for them delivering before arriving, so they’ll get delivered when needed!

Can you rent a car seat without renting a car?

When travelling with a young child, you may not want to carry along all the items they need for your trip.

Yet, many companies rent out baby gear such as strollers and car seats, so this does not have to be an issue! Keep in mind though that these rentals can become expensive over time due to wear on the equipment or damage caused by accidents.

Budget car seat rental

 Budget car seat rent DEALS

A free child seat with car rental

Options for a free car seat are available on Silvercar, but the market is expanding. AAA members can get one at Dollar Rent A Car, Hertz and Thrifty Rental Cars, while teachers may be able to requisition through the National PTA rate code with Hertz rental cars in some cases.

Final thought

There are a lot of potential risks when it comes to travelling on your car seat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cut them. Can you rent a car with a car seat? If you decide to bring the car seat from home, make sure it meets the basic safety regulations for whichever country or state/province you will be visiting and considers any special needs children may have (such as a 2-year-old who is rear-facing).

Renting a new one might seem like an easier option; yet, there are still some important things to keep in mind before making this decision. Make sure they meet all local standards, so don’t take away more flexibility than necessary by buying expensive insurance policies because something goes wrong on vacation!

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