how to fix a stuck car seat: 4 Ways to fix your car seat (2022)

This article will explain to you How to fix a stuck car seat:

Fixing a stuck car seat is not that difficult. You may have observed that car seats are delicate when it comes to the base. Your car seat is currently stuck because the car seat is that you have not perfectly aimed to attach the center to the bottom.
Below are three solutions that can help you find your stuck seat in the base of your stroller.

Suppose searching about fixing your car seat brought you here. We believe that you are probably disappointed right now, looking for many ways in the middle of the road. As safe as these car seats seem to be, they can sometimes be tasty.
The issue of stuck car seats is prevalent, and you’re not the first or last person facing this kind of issue. Don’t need to worry! As we have different remedies to solve this problem and get the most benefit from these mentioned remedies.
Here are four easy ways to fix your car seat

how to remove car seat from base

If you can, remove the seat and base:
suppose there is some difficulty in removing the car seat because of the floor’s connectivity that prevents you from removing the car seat; in that case, you can move towards the second solution. However, if you can easily remove the car seat, you can fix the stuck car seat easier.

Shake, Shake, and shake:

Nine out of ten times, when a car seat is stuck, that means the seat was never fully connected with the base the last time it put down inside. That means only one side of the locking technique was clicked, not the other.
Your job is to connect the seat and the base. To achieve this, you’re going to do some shaking. You’ll require to shake and hustle the seat and even push your seat down the side to hear that click that indicates that your seat is connected to the base finally.

Call the constructor:

If all these steps fail, you can call your car seat manufacturer. As this kind of issue is typical, you’re not the first consumer to encounter this issue, and the spokesperson will try to help you with your problem over the phone.

Fixing a Recline Car Seat trapped:

For the first initial months, your little one must be reclined in the car seat. That’s important. Still, when it comes to putting it decent, you are going to find that the seat won’t move. If this problem arises, you can use these solutions to sort out this problem.

What is a locking clip? why you need it and how to use

Reviewing your instruction manual:
Every car seat has a different recline technique. For example, some new cars come with an adjustable handle on the base head of the car seat. For now, some can be adjusted through the base. Examine to spot which one you’re working with.

Apply some force:
In a condition like this, you’re going to put in some extra effort and use your strength until you hear that click when the operating structure is successfully operated.
To obtain that click, you have to rearrange something that comes out of that place. For that, you have to lay down your seat or base regulated by where the controls of the recline are on which part of the ground.

Use lubricant or use its replacement:
If you are trying to find a solution on how to fix a stuck manual car seat, then this solution can help you a lot.
If an actual amount of moving, driving, and pushing doesn’t help, you can then try a drop of olive oil or something substitute for olive oil like WD-40. If the seat is resting in a car for a very long time, it will need some grease so that the wheels can quickly turn, and so is the seat.

Contacting the maker:
For some consumers, this issue is constant and permanent, as it can arise at any time. If you think that your car seat is crashing, then you can contact the customer care service so that they find you a permanent solution or, upon your request, can replace the car seat yours.

how to Fix a stuck electric manual car seat:

A movable car seat is the best feature any car can have. You can adjust your car seat anytime according to your comfort. But sometimes it can be problematic and doesn’t move, and this can be a frustrating experience for you.
When it comes to the electric car seat, it is stuck very infrequently, and that is because of the electric machine, which is fixed for the adjusting of the car seat. Electrical devices are one of the biggest reasons why the seat of an electric car gets stuck.
You don’t have to worry if you’re wondering how to remove the car seat from the base.
Here below are some of the steps you can apply to fix this issue:

Turning off the engine:
Before touching or starting any kind of activity related to the electric machine, you should turn off your car because if your car is running, it can be dangerous, and you won’t be able to touch the electric machine because of the heat or current.

Using tools to remove your seat:
Before trying to repair or removing the seat, you should have the proper set of tools or a screw kit to remove your seat from the track. You can read the instruction manual to see the function of how to use these tools effectively and remove the seat from the base.

Connecting the seat properly:
You can examine the way whether the seat is connected correctly or not. You’ll get to know about this upon wiggling and shaking the seat to the extent when you hear that click sound as soon as you hear that you’ll come to understand that the seat is fixed and connected correctly.

Check if the buttons are working correctly:
After knowing that the seat is adequately attached now and connected, this will give you a sigh of relief, and now you can turn on your engine to check if all the buttons are functioning correctly.
The backward button and the forward button is working correctly, and then it is going to be easy for you to operate.

Pay a visit to the mechanic shop:
this is not a permanent solution and is only useful for a temporary period. So, in that case, you should always have a mechanic in mind that can find you a permanent solution to this problem. For mechanics, these kinds of issues are common, and they can quickly identify your situation and give you a long-term solution.

Sometimes there is a problem with the seat slider as well, so there are some ways to fix that too.

How to Fix Car seat slider:

Mostly in spring weather, the seat slider function can be rusty and can be the reason for your seat to be stuck.
You have to remove your seat from its direction in this circumstance and keep track of what is missing and hurt.
This is a straightforward way to identify and decide what’s happening with the seat and how you can fix it or reach out to a mechanic to fix this problem of yours. Moreover, due to the rustiness, you can use olive oil or any kind of substitute to remove its rustiness.


Trying to fix your car seat can be a challenging task. Especially on your own, when you don’t know how the wires work and the whole mechanism of the car, if you don’t know how to handle it, then you should avoid risking it.

Most of the time, when the manual car seat is fixed by your, effort it is not the permanent solution; you can further visit your mechanic to finally get the permanent solution.
Another way to avoid this issue is to regularly test and check your car seat and take care of the maintenance of your car overall.

Problems like jammed seats are prevalent, so reaching out for help from customer care service is the best way to deal with any kind of questions you’re facing in your car.
The maker of your car seat is available and receiving the calls of consumers on a daily basis.

So the manufacturer is entirely aware of the problems and can provide you a complete guide on the phone call. You just need to follow all the instructions and steps they tell you so that can you can learn to handle such issues on your own.
In the end, I must say this even after all these efforts if your seat is still crashing, just replace it!
Hopefully, this article will help you find the possible solution you’re looking for in your car seat.

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